SOGETREL is your ideal partner for setting up security systems:
video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, including configuration and function tests.

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SOGETREL manages your complete electronic security system, including numerous functionalities: ad manager, federation protocols, multi-visions, optimisation scripts etc. thanks to supervision or hypervision.

SOGETREL’s IP video surveillance and video protection solutions also offer options for image analysis, such as intelligent video surveillance.

Some example applications: presence in an airlock / detection in a zone / number plate reading / behavioural analysis / flow analysis for logistics purposes.


SOGETREL provides IP-based video surveillance/video protection solutions. Why this system?

RELIABILITY: Each element is independent. If the recorder breaks down, visualisation is still possible directly using the camera.

OPENNESS: Operators and manufacturers can no longer ‘lock in’ their clients to closed, non-connected systems.

POWER: The cameras automatically generate a native digital stream, reducing the loss in image quality.

SECURITY: Cameras are identified on the server, streams are secured.

QUALITY : The camera/encoder pair, which allows digitalisation, is one single device, so the quality is always optimal.

Our solutions are above all based on the functional needs of our clients. Our response and the structures proposed are not the same for local and regional authorities, industrial sites, SMEs and mid-market companies. So you benefit from a personalised solution, perfectly suited to your needs.


SOGETREL guarantees the confidentiality and security of people and property. Although building traffic flow management has become a standard feature of our user experience, SOGETREL continues to innovate in this field. Each site has its own operating constraints, access rules and events to manage.

The management of people entering your site is the most important element when it comes to ensuring confidentiality and the security of people and property. SOGETREL’s teams, together with their technological partners, propose the solution that is the best adapted to the risks you encounter, your budget and your operating needs.

Our solutions allow for:

  • On site operating constraints (once-through processing, working hours etc.)
  • Type of site operation (tertiary, industrial, local authority)
  • Type of system administration (security agent, administrative staff etc.)
  • Type of site (multi-site, centralisation, federation etc.)


The SOGETREL anti-intrusion alarm system allows you to detect intruders a zone where there should be no people present and/or to warn you of an assault.

Our goal is to respond to your operating issues by proposing the most suitable, reliable solution. Our solutions allow for:

  • Type of site (industrial, tertiary, hotel, warehouse etc.)
  • Sensitive areas (documentation storage, valuables etc.)
  • Type of operation (remote surveillance, patrols, guard etc.)


As a provider of complete security systems, SOGETREL offers a wide range of solutions for perimeter protection to guarantee the rapid detection of intrusions and warn you of imminent danger.

Personalised perimeter security solutions for each individual site configuration and for each security issue. Our teams analyse and propose a single solution made of different elements depending on the type of site and risk criticality threshold. SOGETREL’s global approach allows the commissioning of integrated system solutions and ensures the best supervision possible.


IP video surveillance and video protection offer the possibility of image analysis, otherwise known as intelligent video surveillance..

These highly innovative solutions, which enhance your facilities, are proposed following an in-depth study of your problems by our technical engineers.

Some examples of applications:

  • Lane departure
  • Presence in an airlock
  • Detection in a zone
  • Detection of incorrect direction
  • Number plate reading
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Flow analysis for logistics purposes