With its Smart Cities solutions, SOGETREL can provide advice and assistance in implementing your smart city projects, while ensuring cost efficiency.


Driven by the rolling out of high-speed infrastructures and the evolution of IP technologies, SOGETREL is building a name for itself in new uses relating to the Smart City. These smart cities are equipped with all the sustainable communication infrastructures designed to improve inhabitants’ standard of living.

A new way to design cities – both in terms of urban service and the interactions between the various actors involved (public authorities, inhabitants, companies), Smart Cities will offer an increasing number of additional services that are useful for local authorities – and that SOGETREL can develop thanks to existing networks: traffic flow, parking management, waste management and more…

As the leader in the field of urban video protection in the Ile-de-France area, SOGETREL has naturally become a major player in the development of smart cities.


The security solutions proposed by SOGETREL aim to make your video protection system the backbone of your Smart City initiatives by:

  • Pooling network investments and civil engineering
  • Enabling employees to optimise their travel and play a proactive role in managing warnings and crisis situations
  • Providing the city with open systems for other functions that security in the strictest sense, in a Smart City approach.


SOGETREL offers various intelligent parking technologies adapted to the most difficult conditions of use for city-centre mobility, in order to:

  • Reduce the time taken to find a parking space and the resulting traffic (up to 30 % of city-centre vehicles)
  • Facilitate flows in retail areas to help improve their attractiveness
  • Promote surveillance agent activities by reducing inspection times
  • Implement the infrastructures needed for electric vehicles


We implement simple innovations for establishments open to the public to combat antisocial behaviour with systems that:

  • De-escalate conflicts in an informative manner
  • Give reception staff a role in their own safety
  • Reduce turnover associated with significant exposure of staff to hostile behaviour


Our environmental management module makes it possible to supervise changes in parameters such as atmospheric pollution, noise pollution, water level, etc. with the aim of:

  • Measuring the impact of your Smart City initiatives to establish concrete communication tools
  • Generate open data for the city’s Big Data policy
  • Facilitate the implementation of innovations by local players to contribute to the improvement of your living conditions.