Fixed networks

Through the deployment of fixed communication networks, Sogetrel Group is in the front line of digital transformation and supports telecom operators, local authorities and private companies. From network design to construction, from connection to maintenance, we share a common goal with our customers: the implementation of a neutral, open, reliable and sustainable network.

Reference player in digital development

For over 35 years, we have been building, connecting and maintaining fixed telecom networks. Our expertise covers the entire value chain, which we master perfectly. This, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of local issues, enables us to provide our clients with solutions that are tailored to their needs. Whether it is within the framework of networks to be created or to be extended, we put at the service of their projects our engineering capacity and our know-how such as the realization of dimensioning studies, the staking, the management of the preliminary project or the whole of the administrative formalities.

For telecom operators

Since our inception, we have been supporting telecom operators in the deployment of fixed communications networks, taking into account their specific engineering needs. Orange, Bouygues and Free regularly renew their trust in us. We accompany them at each key stage of their project.

After distinguishing ourselves on coaxial cable networks and copper networks (ADSL, local loop), we have developed a leading-edge know-how in the deployment of optical networks (FTTH, FTTB…). In each of these technologies, we have acquired sought-after expertise, making our Group a reference in the framework of the France Très Haut Débit plan which aims to cover the entire French territory with very high-speed broadband by 2025. Our expertise on Orange’s copper networks is also recognized, making us a valuable partner for their gradual dismantling by 2030.

For communities

In France, the digital opening up of territories, and consequently their attractiveness, is achieved through Public Initiative Networks (PINs), which compensate for the lack of private initiative. Sogetrel is today one of the best specialists in this field, with 120 RIPs to our credit since 2004, all over France, including in the most isolated areas. Our RIP expertise ranges from neutral and open design to network construction and maintenance. Conducted in project mode over several years, our projects are facilitated by our knowledge of the territories. As a true expert in RIPs, we work alongside the regions, departments, municipalities and joint associations to provide the general public, professionals, and public and private institutions with access to high and very high speed connections that actively contribute to reducing the digital divide.

In addition to RIPs, we also help local authorities to improve the quality, speed and security of information flows between their various buildings and services (town hall, schools, museums, libraries, etc.), within the framework of the construction of Closed User Groups (CUGs). We adapt them to their needs and resources, and then guarantee their security (video surveillance, access control, etc.) thanks to our Eryma brand.

RIPs deployed and/or maintained by Sogetrel since 2004

« Listening to our customers and our technical expertise are the two key factors to accompany them in the best way in the digital development of their projects. Because each territory and each project is unique, our proposals are adapted to the local context, while respecting national standards and taking advantage of our proven processes. »

Sales Director, Major Projects and International at Sogetrel

For private companies

More than ever, the performance of companies in all sectors depends on the quality of their information flows. By bringing their broadband and ultra-broadband networking and interconnection projects to life, we meet their growing connectivity needs. Over the past ten years, we have built a solid reputation in the interconnection of multi-site groups such as Decathlon, Accor or RATP, either by reusing existing infrastructures or by creating new networks.

For all our networks and fixed communications solutions, whether they are for telecom operators, local authorities or private companies, we provide preventive, curative and corrective maintenance. We are working to ensure their resilience, i.e. that they remain in operational condition under all circumstances.

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