Public and local authorities

Our mastery of the whole value chain - design, implementation and maintenance - completed by a strong local presence, make Sogetrel Group a reference player in the digital development of territories. In the continuity of the deployment of public initiative networks (RIP), we propose a complete offer of connected solutions.

Communication networks

Fixed-line networks
Since 2004, we have been installing RIPs throughout France, particularly in the most isolated areas. This will improve the digital coverage of territories, reduce the digital divide, strengthen the attractiveness of territories and develop public services through the Internet.
As an expert in very high-speed networks, we also work on the deployment of closed user groups (UG), both on the passive part of the networks (preliminary design, execution study, civil engineering, cabling, etc.) and on the active part, via our subsidiary Eryma (video surveillance, access control).

Mobile networks
Our teams are also qualified for the installation and commissioning of radio equipment. The idea? Improve the coverage of the territory and public institutions, or connect smart solutions deployed via low-speed networks (LoRaWAN).

Connected and cybersecure security

Our subsidiary Eryma offers a wide range of urban security solutions to local authorities. It deploys video protection systems, sets up supervision centers and interconnects buildings, particularly for access control and anti-intrusion alarms.

Smart solutions

In the continuity of our urban security activities, we have become a major player in the development of smart cities. Traffic flow, parking space management or urban lighting management… we are able to offer useful services to local authorities via IoT solutions (parking, noise, pollution, temperature, humidity sensors…).

Electric mobility solutions

In order to support the transition to electric mobility, we integrate charging infrastructures for electric vehicles for local authorities. A service that goes from design to deployment and includes maintenance.

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