Smart solutions

As a major player in the digital transformation of territories, Sogetrel supports local authorities in their challenges. Urban security, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, environmental protection and citizen participation, Sogetrel Group offers you concrete and quickly operational solutions.

Digital solutions to contribute to the attractiveness of territories and the efficiency of local public services

Whether it is a question of urban safety, sustainable mobility, the environment or citizen participation, cities are now fully mobilized, aided by laws and regulations that provide ever greater incentives.

To reduce their environmental impact and improve the quality of life for all (residents, workers or businesses), territories are developing new digital uses for public lighting, waste management, energy consumption, air quality or parking management… The data produced by connected objects and communicated via digital infrastructures is used to improve the efficiency of local public services for the “good life together” of the inhabitants and the sustainable transformation of territories.

Digital solutions that bring new uses to life with the Internet of Things

To help them meet the challenges of more connected and sustainable territories, cities and companies find in the Sogetrel Group an ideal partner, based on its expertise in the deployment of communication networks and its strong presence in the territories. Sogetrel selects, connects and commissions connected objects. It then provides them with software platforms enabling them to process the data from these objects, analyze them and use them for the benefit of all the territory’s inhabitants. Sogetrel puts the Internet of Things at the service of connected and sustainable territories.

Solutions that reduce environmental impact and improve quality of life

Connected to a supersivion platform, our IoT solutions improve daily life in many areas:

  • Urban security (geolocation of incidents and agents, video analysis, video protection, management of incivilities, access control, retractable bollards)

  • Charging stations for electric vehicles (efficient, reliable and economical charging infrastructures coupled with tools for managing electrical consumption)
  • Parking (sensor management to detect if a space is occupied and for how long, etc.)

  • Public lighting (management by sensors, intensity adjustment, remote control and fault detection, all solutions that allow savings to be made while reducing light pollution)

  • Connected meters (deployment of communicating water or electricity meters in order to continuously monitor consumption and detect faults)

  • Intelligent buildings (energy sensors, pollution measurement, intrusion detection, fire safety, people counting)

  • Local Area Networks (design and deployment of independent and secure communications networks for the use of individuals within the closed owner group)
  • Citizen interaction (communication channel with the citizens)

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