The Sogetrel Group provides major IT players with a user support service and multi-technical interventions to deploy and maintain their IT equipment and digital solutions. This allows our customers to be more efficient by focusing on their core business.

A renowned clientele

Whether they are computer manufacturers (Toshiba, Konica, Siemens…) or digital services companies (Atos, Fujitsu, Orange Cyberdefense…), our customers are IT champions. They rely on our expertise for the deployment of their equipment, user support for their digital solutions and technical maintenance of their connected systems. Our goal? Guarantee the quality of the digital experience and contribute to the continuity of service of their activities.

Local services

Our advantage? A strike force in the field with a national network to intervene quickly on equipment (hardware and software).

Among the offers we provide:

  • Local technical interventions and acts (field services)
  • Technical support and remote user assistance (service desk)
  • Outsourcing of customer service and customer relations
  • Outsourcing and management of remote and on-site computer parks
  • Securing data centers (cyber security solutions)

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