Working at Sogetrel

At Sogetrel, we are convinced that the success of digital projects depends on the men and women who give them life. Our 4,000 employees are the company's greatest asset and the key to our success. Joining them means becoming part of a friendly work environment that places great emphasis on autonomy and accountability.

“Solution mode” activated

Every day, as a team, we bring our clients’ projects to life, projects that are increasingly technical and complex, often representing real challenges. In addition to our great capacity to adapt and our strong reactivity, we are driven by a taste for challenge and a passion for our profession. We are enthusiastically committed to meeting the needs of our clients and our initiatives in the service of the community are encouraged.

Whatever your degree and your background, at Sogetrel we are first of all attentive to your personality and your state of mind, to your skills, to your desire to satisfy our customers and to build the future of the Group with us.

Let’s play together

It is the diversity and complementarity of our professions and profiles that allow us to serve our clients better. That’s why it is fundamental to know andlike working in a team. At Sogetrel, you will be encouraged to build multidisciplinary teams in order to meet a customer’s need or to initiate a project that will make the company progress. A widely shared state of mind which makes us unique and is based on pragmatism, simplicity, benevolence and humility of everyone.

Continue to grow with us

In line with our skills development policy, in 2019 we have opened “Sogetrel Academy”, a system designed to allow everyone to train and evolve in their profession. This ambitious project offers a wide range of digital tools and face-to-face support for customized training adapted to the needs of each employee.

Sogetrel Academy answers one of the major stakes of our HR policy: to promote the culture of permanent learning and to allow our collaborators to be actors of their skills development.

By promoting and structuring knowledge sharing at Sogetrel, we are able to integrate, train and make our new employees quickly autonomous and operational. The acquisition of these new skills is a determining asset to anticipate the conquest of new markets.

The Sogetrel Group, in permanent movement, offers many opportunities for progression. Our employees evolve within a business line, or from one business line to another, according to their aspirations. By 2021, 10% of our employees have been promoted.

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