CSR and sustainable development

We are committed to being at the forefront of the digital transformation of territories and companies. We are convinced that this transformation must be synonymous with sustainable and responsible progress for everyone. This is why Sogetrel Group accompanies its development strategy with a CSR/ESG approach whose objective is to promote a responsible, inclusive and environmentally friendly growth.

Mobilized governance

The CSR-ESG approach is supported at the highest level within the Group. It is reflected in a desire to combine performance, responsibility, ethics and transparency. The members of the Executive Committee, as well as all the Group’s employees, are involved and actively participate in the Group’s transformation, with the objective, among others, of ensuring that risks are controlled in terms of CSR, ethics and anti-corruption commitments.

An integrated CSR policy

For more than a decade, our CSR-ESG policy has focused on health, safety, diversity, skills development, economics and responsible purchasing. Our CSR roadmap is the meeting point between our strategy, our challenges and our activities, and provides a framework for the Group’s continuous progress in terms of social responsibility. It is structured around three major issues and divided into six priorities.

Concrete measures

For our employees:

At Sogetrel, we consider the attention to our employees as a top priority. We are committed to their safety, well-being and health every day. We take particular care to adapt our working models, promote diversity and equal opportunities, develop and support integration and develop the potential of each individual.

ratio of women to men for Index 2022

The results are there for example in 2021:

  • A work accident frequency rate of 6.2
  • Obtaining the “Happy Trainees” label in 2022 by ChooseMyCompany, which rewards our policy of integrating young people into the Group.

And in 2022:

  • A gender equality index of 94/100

For the environment:

Faced with the urgent need to protect the environment, the Group aims to play a full role in the ecological transition of the living environment, infrastructure and mobility.

Our approach is based on :

  • The reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions comes mainly from our vehicle fleet.
  • The prevention of pollution and the reduction of nuisances related to our activities.
  • The optimal treatment and reduction of our waste.

It has resulted in the implementation of a low-carbon policy and the achievement of a carbon intensity index of 25 TeqCO2/M€CA in 2021.

Recognized CSR performance

The performance of our CSR commitment has earned us Platinum status from Ecovadis, placing us in the top 1% of companies in our sector in this area. This recognition is in addition to its numerous certifications and qualifications: ISO 9001, 45001 and 14001 for QSE, 27001 for information security, Qualifelec and Apsad.

Ethics at the heart of our relationships

Respecting our commitments and setting an example in our practices with regard to our employees and stakeholders are essential to federate our teams and reinforce the climate of benevolence that drives us. Ethics is also at the heart of all business relations between Sogetrel and its stakeholders. The Group expects each of its employees to behave irreproachably. We have formalized in an Ethics Charter all the rules of conduct and principles of professional ethics that apply to all our employees.

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