Service desk

IT equipment and digital solutions deployed by companies often require the implementation of user support for smooth operation. Our helpdesk service responds to requests for assistance from users of our customers' products and technical solutions.

A highly responsive 24/7 support center

The 330 employees of our telephone platform, within our ESDI brand, located in Belfort, handle the assistance needs of our customers’ employees or end users of their services and solutions remotely, 24/7. Their mission: to answer their questions, diagnose incidents and initiate their resolution as quickly as possible.


A single point of contact for businesses

The multiple and complementary technical skills of our teams allow us to address all the needs of our customers in terms of internal and external user support.

A support for their employees

Many companies delegate us the user support of their workstations and peripherals as well as their business and office applications. We offer their employees a single point of contact for all questions related to their work tools.

Support for their customers

Companies providing technology products or services that require support entrust us with the support of their products or solutions. This is the case, for example, of major hardware manufacturers or software providers.

A tailor-made service

Beyond technical expertise, we distinguish ourselves by our ability to integrate the specificities of our customers’ businesses. With a perfect understanding of their problems, we set up a tailor-made support service. Our teams speak the same “language” as our customers and quickly identify the most appropriate solutions for their users’ needs.

An asset that allows us to work for about sixty companies in a wide variety of sectors: mass retailers, garden centers, medical software, sports federations and even kitchen furniture retailers.

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