With the experience gained from hundreds of thousands of interventions per year in the telecoms field, SOGETREL is the ideal partner for your Smart Grid networks.


SOGETREL offers communication solutions for all telecoms networks, whether wired (fibre, FTTH, CPE, copper) or wireless (WLAN, BLR, FH, Wifi, 3G/4G, TETRA INPT).

SOGETREL studies, designs, deploys and maintains remote reading networks. It has acknowledged expertise in researching and negotiating, and analysing radio coverage.


  • More than 15 networks deployed
  • 10 contracts won on this market
  • 4 operational control cells


As communications networks are an essential element of local competitiveness and attractiveness, SOGETREL assists local authorities with their digital development projects, particularly in implementing telecoms networks for authorities.

IP security

Specialised in the sector of connected/smart energies (Smart Grid networks and Smart Meter), SOGETREL proposes the electronic securing of Vital Interest Points (VIP), through adapting to the requirements of groups of these alarms and by using all types of communication support (rental, wireless, high-speed, low-speed etc.).


The security of solar parks is a priority. The complexity of the sites (size, location, network etc.) is a challenge for each project. We propose innovative, economically viable solutions for our clients with the aim of preventing and limiting theft in the case of site intrusion.


  • Securing of 20 photovoltaic installations
  • Securing of 50 water towers

Smart Cities

Armed with the authorisations required to work on the networks involved, SOGETREL studies, deploys and maintains remote reading networks. SOGETREL has thus become a major player in the deployment of these networks through its contracts with SAUR, Lyonnaise des eaux, M20 City, and, more recently, the deployment of the radio infrastructure by GAZPAR on behalf of GRDF.


  • 2 million connectible Smart Meters
  • 55,400 hubs installed