Artificial intelligence for the security of the city of Massy

The city of Massy has entrusted Eryma, a subsidiary of the Sogetrel Group specialized in the integration of connected security solutions, with the deployment of a real-time video analysis platform. The objective? The installation of 362 cameras on public streets and buildings by 2024.

From video surveillance to the city of the future

Traffic analysis, pedestrian flow management, vehicle flow management, surveillance of areas where vehicles are not allowed… The urban supervision center of the city of Massy struggles to properly monitor the 207 video surveillance cameras that are filming 24 hours a day. In order to relieve the 12 video protection operators and the 22 municipal police officers and to improve the analysis of observed situations, the municipality has called upon the services of our subsidiary Eryma.

Our mission? To develop an image analysis solution for their video protection system thanks to our partner XXII Groupe, editor of real-time video analysis software. In concrete terms, the camera films the scenes, the software detects the infractions and informs the operator. A saving of time and reactivity assured.

Intelligent cameras programmed to collect and analyze everything that happens in front of the agents. This is interesting data for the municipality, which can thus measure the effectiveness of its public policies, such as verifying the reality of the use of a temporary bicycle path. It can also allow for preventive maintenance on roads if there is a lot of traffic damaging the pavement.

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The mixed syndicate Périgord Numérique deploys the fiber in Dordogne

A 100% public RIP (Réseau d'Initiative Publique) network has been launched by the Syndicat Mixte Périgord Numérique (SMPN) to connect 287,000 premises to FTTH optical fiber by 2025. It is within the framework of this major development project that the Sogetrel Group has been selected within a consortium.

A major development program

While broadband coverage of all territories, including rural areas, is one of the priorities of the France Recovery Plan, the Dordogne department is continuing its efforts to deploy fiber optics in the part of the department where no operator has planned to deploy a network using its own funds. The SMPN called on our expertise to design and build an FTTH network including the installation of 14,000 outlets, i.e. 40% of the lot awarded to its consortium. A large-scale rollout in rural areas representing 2,900 km of optical fiber requiring major civil engineering and aerial work.

A particularity of the project: our commitment leads us to offer 12,500 hours of integration per year (the equivalent of 7 full-time people over 4 years for the group) in order to offer access or a return to employment to people in social or professional difficulty.

2,900 km
of fiber optics

Following this project, which brought satisfaction to the customer, the mixed syndicate Périgord Numérique renewed its confidence in us with the signature of a second contract which should represent a new volume of 14,000 outlets to be built.

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Sourceo entrusts Sogetrel with the exploitation of the water production data of the Lille metropolitan area

In a world where drinking water resources are becoming increasingly fragile, managing the production process as precisely as possible has become a real challenge. Within the framework of the supply of a central software platform for the exploitation of the water production data of the European Metropolis of Lille, the company Sourceo calls upon the services of the Sogetrel Group and its partner Intent Technologies.

Finely exploited data

The European Metropolis of Lille produces and distributes drinking water for more than 300,000 metropolitan customers. On the production side, Sourceo manages all the drinking water and industrial water production plants that supply the metropolitan area.

With a view to providing a central software platform for the exploitation of water production data, Sourceo chose us to help collect all the data from the computer-aided maintenance management, install sensors and set up supervision tools, all on 269 works.

What are the objectives?

  • Facilitate and accelerate data entry via mobility
  • Collect and centralize managed data
  • Optimize the management of the production activity thanks to the follow-up of key indicators and to allow connections with external systems such as those of the energy suppliers
  • Develop predictive models

Our scope of work covers all governance, project management and part of the operation for 9 years. Our partner Intent Technologies brings its expertise in licensing, configuration and maintenance of the platform.

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The Ministry of the Armed Forces mandates Eryma on the SECPRO market

The Joint Directorate of Infrastructure Networks and Information Systems of the French Ministry of Defence (DIRISI) has mandated Eryma, a subsidiary of the Sogetrel Group specialized in the integration of connected security solutions, for simple operations on the security-protection market (SECPRO).

Safety and security

Eryma is the agent for the entire SECPRO Simple Operations market on behalf of the DIRISI (Ministry of the Armed Forces). It thus completes the SECPRO Complex Operations framework contract for which we were already notified a few months ago. SECPRO is a 7-year contract carried out in synergy by Eryma and Sogetrel.

lots won

Our role will be to carry out work related to the security of the sites of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. This mission will include the active and passive parts of the buildings, as well as the maintenance in operational and security condition. Finally, we will accompany our client during the deployment of the solutions by providing the associated training necessary for the use of its security system.

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The largest parking lot for electric cars in France for Saemes

Under the Madeleine church, in a parking lot operated by Saemes under a public service delegation (DSP) on behalf of the city of Paris, no less than 505 charging stations have been installed, making the site the largest parking lot for electric cars in France. A challenge taken up with flying colors by the Sogetrel Group, in charge of the equipment of the new infrastructures.

A complete customer journey

Saemes, has entrusted Sogetrel with the takeover of the existing park at the Madeleine, in Paris. This contract, won in co-contracting with TotalEnergies, allowed us to offer a complete customer experience:

  • Supply, operation, supervision and electronic payments managed by TotalEnergies
  • Installation and maintenance managed by Sogetrel

With a power of 7 to 22 kilowatts, the installed terminals are compatible with all electric cars, allowing drivers to recharge batteries in one of the central districts of the capital.

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The Moselle RIP, a successfully completed project

After 4 years of intense work, the Public Initiative Network (RIP) of Moselle (57), ordered by the department and led by its mixed syndicate Moselle Fibre, is operational. With the help of two other partners, Sogetrel Group teams have been strongly involved to cover the whole territory with a very high speed network.

A large-scale project

In this remote territory with particularly isolated areas, the inhabitants’ expectations of a very high speed connection were strong. Today, it is a reality for the 500 communes of Moselle, their 160,000 homes inhabited by 300,000 Moselle residents.

In total, no less than 60 Sogetrel employees have been mobilized for the project management, the design office and the deployment of teams on the field. This will enable the company to design and implement no less than 160,000 FTTH connections throughout Moselle within the specified timeframe. More than 50% of eligible households have already subscribed to a very high-speed fiber Internet subscription and many operators have come forward with a wide choice of offers to the department’s great satisfaction.

Attractiveness, competitiveness and inclusion, Moselle is now at the forefront of current and future digital issues!

50 %
penetration rate of households with a fiber Internet subscription
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Sogetrel supports the city of Asnières-sur-Seine in the deployment of smart solutions

To reduce its environmental impact and improve the quality of life of its nearly 100,000 inhabitants, Asnières-Sur-Seine is banking on the smart city. The municipality is a member of Sipperec, a mixed open syndicate that offers various services of general interest to communities.

Its mission is to facilitate public action in the fields of energy and digital technology. Sipperec has called upon the services of the Sogetrel Group to assist the city of Asnières-sur-Seine in the deployment of smart solutions.

The deployment of a global and centralized solution dedicated to data governance and IoT uses

The result? The installation of sensors for public lighting and parking lots, bicycle counting sensors, a video protection system, but also the development of a citizen application and dashboards to analyze the data from the various sensors. All of this, in a sustainable development logic, with the optimization of energy consumption, air quality… The deployment of a global solution allowing an omniscient vision of the city with a centralized piloting of the territory’s data, an improvement of the communication between citizens/agents/elected officials, and a better quality of life.

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