The mixed syndicate Périgord Numérique deploys the fiber in Dordogne

A 100% public RIP (Réseau d'Initiative Publique) network has been launched by the Syndicat Mixte Périgord Numérique (SMPN) to connect 287,000 premises to FTTH optical fiber by 2025. It is within the framework of this major development project that the Sogetrel Group has been selected within a consortium.

A major development program

While broadband coverage of all territories, including rural areas, is one of the priorities of the France Recovery Plan, the Dordogne department is continuing its efforts to deploy fiber optics in the part of the department where no operator has planned to deploy a network using its own funds. The SMPN called on our expertise to design and build an FTTH network including the installation of 14,000 outlets, i.e. 40% of the lot awarded to its consortium. A large-scale rollout in rural areas representing 2,900 km of optical fiber requiring major civil engineering and aerial work.

A particularity of the project: our commitment leads us to offer 12,500 hours of integration per year (the equivalent of 7 full-time people over 4 years for the group) in order to offer access or a return to employment to people in social or professional difficulty.

2,900 km
of fiber optics

Following this project, which brought satisfaction to the customer, the mixed syndicate Périgord Numérique renewed its confidence in us with the signature of a second contract which should represent a new volume of 14,000 outlets to be built.

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Sanef renews the maintenance of its motorway network’s optical fibre

Sogetrel Group has been chosen by Sanef, the French freeway concessionaire, for the maintenance of its fibre optic motorway networks in 5 lots spread over different geographical areas. These independent networks allow for private and secure connection of tolls, video surveillance systems, power supply for various stations and many other jobs. This will allow road users to enjoy the best conditions of safety and fluidity.

Highly qualified technical teams

Sanef’s mission is to promote the sustainable mobility of goods and people and to contribute to the dynamism of the regions through its networks and toll solutions. It is in this context that we have won the entire curative maintenance of the fiber optic infrastructures on all of Sanef’s operating networks. This contract is a one-year framework agreement renewable for a maximum of three years.

The service represents 50 interventions per year, which requires the establishment of highly qualified technical teams on call 24 hours a day for connection, maintenance, civil engineering and re-commissioning of the optical fiber network. The objective? Guarantee the continuity of the network within the allotted time.

The national management of the project is carried out from the Ile-de-France via our Mobility expertise center. Sogetrel commits itself to provide Sanef with a dedicated storage center on each motorway axis of the 5 winning lots.

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RATP overhauls its antenna and radio equipment on its entire network

Sogetrel Group, a historical partner of RATP for the deployment and maintenance of its communication networks, has been entrusted with a maintenance mission for RATP's antenna and radio equipment within the framework of a 3-year contract.

A specific know-how

New illustration of our expertise in the field of radio: the RATP entrusts us with the preventive and corrective maintenance and the small works associated with its antenna systems and radio equipment (PMR, TETRA, 3RD, UIC, Acropol, Wifi, GSM, 3G/4G). This will allow us to continue our development in the “non-operator” telecom segments.

The contract provides for maintenance and remote maintenance on the entire RATP network through the control and preventive and corrective maintenance of antenna infrastructures. In the event of a breakdown, our teams will guarantee continuity of service and ensure that the equipment is restored to operational condition.

RATP will have a centralized management of all requests thanks to a single contact person, associated with a team entirely dedicated and led by our Mobility expertise.

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The Moselle RIP, a successfully completed project

After 4 years of intense work, the Public Initiative Network (RIP) of Moselle (57), ordered by the department and led by its mixed syndicate Moselle Fibre, is operational. With the help of two other partners, Sogetrel Group teams have been strongly involved to cover the whole territory with a very high speed network.

A large-scale project

In this remote territory with particularly isolated areas, the inhabitants’ expectations of a very high speed connection were strong. Today, it is a reality for the 500 communes of Moselle, their 160,000 homes inhabited by 300,000 Moselle residents.

In total, no less than 60 Sogetrel employees have been mobilized for the project management, the design office and the deployment of teams on the field. This will enable the company to design and implement no less than 160,000 FTTH connections throughout Moselle within the specified timeframe. More than 50% of eligible households have already subscribed to a very high-speed fiber Internet subscription and many operators have come forward with a wide choice of offers to the department’s great satisfaction.

Attractiveness, competitiveness and inclusion, Moselle is now at the forefront of current and future digital issues!

50 %
penetration rate of households with a fiber Internet subscription
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