SOGETREL is a long-standing major player on the telecoms market.
As a leader in the integration of networks and communication systems for providing digital access throughout the country, it is the preferred partner of major operators, public and private clients and local authorities, particularly in the deployment of high-speed networks.

Communication Networks

SOGETREL offers communication solutions for all telecoms networks, whether wired (fibre, FTTH, CPE, copper) or wireless (WLAN, BLR, FH, Wifi, 3G/4G, TETRA INPT).


  • 20,000 of fibre optic cabling
  • 1,500 sites connected
  • 2,000,000 interventions per year
  • 3,000 SWAPs carried out
  • 3,000 CPEs deployed


SOGETREL designs, builds and maintains network infrastructures for local and regional authorities. As communications networks are an essential element of local competitiveness and attractiveness, SOGETREL assists operators with their digital development projects and has contributed to over 50 Public Initiative Networks.


  • Over 76 projects deployed since 2004
  • €500 M invested
  • 800 Subscriber Access Nodes connected
  • 200 speed increases implemented
  • 800 Activity Zones connected
  • 250 High Points implemented or installed and installation of almost 200 Wimax stations

IP Security

SOGETREL implements and commissions global electronic security installations covering all specialist areas: anti-intrusion alarms, IP video protection and video surveillance, access control, intercom, transfer and supervision systems. SOGETREL makes use of the safest and most innovative technologies in each of these fields and designs solutions which take into account the end user’s specific needs in terms of operation, ergonomics and efficacy.

The additional presence of SOGETREL in the network infrastructure sector enables the optimisation of installations, in particular on major sites requiring the creation of fibre optic networks or radio links.

  • Data Center Operator security
  • MSC security
  • Technical & Security Hypervision

Smart Cities

Urban networks are becoming more and more “intelligent”, and SOGETREL doesn’t need telling twice – it integrates more and more detectors into the monitors in Urban Monitoring Centres (UMC). This approach brings out the best in operators and leads to an increasingly high level of service.

SOGETREL is thus a leader in the development of smart cities in Ile-de-France, particularly in the field of urban video protection.

With Smart Cities, these cities that are increasingly intelligent and connected, SOGETREL is able to develop new services for the benefit of local authorities, using existing networks for better traffic flow, parking space management and waste management.