The Moselle RIP, a successfully completed project

After 4 years of intense work, the Public Initiative Network (RIP) of Moselle (57), ordered by the department and led by its mixed syndicate Moselle Fibre, is operational. With the help of two other partners, Sogetrel Group teams have been strongly involved to cover the whole territory with a very high speed network.

A large-scale project

In this remote territory with particularly isolated areas, the inhabitants’ expectations of a very high speed connection were strong. Today, it is a reality for the 500 communes of Moselle, their 160,000 homes inhabited by 300,000 Moselle residents.

In total, no less than 60 Sogetrel employees have been mobilized for the project management, the design office and the deployment of teams on the field. This will enable the company to design and implement no less than 160,000 FTTH connections throughout Moselle within the specified timeframe. More than 50% of eligible households have already subscribed to a very high-speed fiber Internet subscription and many operators have come forward with a wide choice of offers to the department’s great satisfaction.

Attractiveness, competitiveness and inclusion, Moselle is now at the forefront of current and future digital issues!

50 %
penetration rate of households with a fiber Internet subscription

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