Sogetrel supports the city of Asnières-sur-Seine in the deployment of smart solutions

To reduce its environmental impact and improve the quality of life of its nearly 100,000 inhabitants, Asnières-Sur-Seine is banking on the smart city. The municipality is a member of Sipperec, a mixed open syndicate that offers various services of general interest to communities.

Its mission is to facilitate public action in the fields of energy and digital technology. Sipperec has called upon the services of the Sogetrel Group to assist the city of Asnières-sur-Seine in the deployment of smart solutions.

The deployment of a global and centralized solution dedicated to data governance and IoT uses

The result? The installation of sensors for public lighting and parking lots, bicycle counting sensors, a video protection system, but also the development of a citizen application and dashboards to analyze the data from the various sensors. All of this, in a sustainable development logic, with the optimization of energy consumption, air quality… The deployment of a global solution allowing an omniscient vision of the city with a centralized piloting of the territory’s data, an improvement of the communication between citizens/agents/elected officials, and a better quality of life.

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