Charging stations for La Poste’s electric fleet

With the largest fleet of electric vehicles in Europe, La Poste Group is preparing to double its number of electric Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) by 2025. TotalEnergies, the supplier and operator of the charging stations used by La Poste, has entrusted the Sogetrel Group with part of their installation and maintenance at the national level.

A subcontracting agreement

Through the deployment of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles, our Group enables cities, businesses and condominium owners to adopt sustainable mobility. This is the case of La Poste, which, in its project to acquire 8,000 electric vehicles (electric cars, electrically-assisted bicycles) by 2025, needs to equip all its establishments with ad hoc recharging stations over the next three years. Its supplier, TotalEnergies, did not hesitate to call on our expertise in installation and maintenance, both preventive and curative, to deploy this project throughout the country.

+ 50 %
of charge points by 2025

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