Elephant Bleu calls on Interway to implement a contactless payment solution

Interway, a Sogetrel Group brand specializing in the integration of digital solutions, has been chosen by the Hypromat Group to implement a contactless bank payment solution in its Elephant Bleu car wash stations.

A complex technological choice

With over 70,000 Electronic Payment Terminals deployed, Interway is a major player in the integration of digital payment solutions. An expertise that allowed it to win the 2019 Hypromat tender for Elephant Bleu.

Its strong point? To have designed a reliable and robust contactless banking solution, adapted to an environment subject to frequent splashes of water and soap, and sometimes extreme outdoor temperatures.
From the design to the maintenance in operational condition, through the creation, development and deployment of the solution, Interway was able to respond to the Hypromat Group’s need to optimize the customer experience by proposing a customized solution, adapted to the design constraints and software and electronic architecture.
The result? More speed, convenience, security and simplicity for the end consumer.

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