The Ministry of the Armed Forces mandates Eryma on the SECPRO market

The Joint Directorate of Infrastructure Networks and Information Systems of the French Ministry of Defence (DIRISI) has mandated Eryma, a subsidiary of the Sogetrel Group specialized in the integration of connected security solutions, for simple operations on the security-protection market (SECPRO).

Safety and security

Eryma is the agent for the entire SECPRO Simple Operations market on behalf of the DIRISI (Ministry of the Armed Forces). It thus completes the SECPRO Complex Operations framework contract for which we were already notified a few months ago. SECPRO is a 7-year contract carried out in synergy by Eryma and Sogetrel.

lots won

Our role will be to carry out work related to the security of the sites of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. This mission will include the active and passive parts of the buildings, as well as the maintenance in operational and security condition. Finally, we will accompany our client during the deployment of the solutions by providing the associated training necessary for the use of its security system.

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